3.8 Content Update impacts @KillerInstinct on June 27th

Ready to get your hands on Eagle, killers?! Come June 27th, you’ll be prompted to download the 3.8 Content Update for your digital copy of KI. Doing so will grant you access to Eagle as well as a slew of balance changes included alongside the character.

For the most part, the balance changes consist of bug fixes, but a handful of characters have received drastic adjustments that will force their players to reconstruct their playstyles from the ground up. These characters include Thunder, Fulgore and Gargos. Read on for a glimpse at their balance changes (full notes can be seen at the Ultra Combo forums):


  • Hornbreaker no longer deals chip damage, and its counterhit damage was reduced to normal levels (was 50% higher than most counterhits)
  • Murder of Crows Forward Dash is now vulnerable to throws for its full duration
  • Light, Medium, and Heavy Sammamish are now vulnerable to throws for the first 8 frames
  • Light, Medium, and Heavy Ankle Slicer are now vulnerable to throws for the full duration of the move
  • Light, Medium, and Heavy Ankle Slicer are now vulnerable to lows for the first 2 frames before its low crush ability becomes active.
  • Sammamish Followups have had their trade priority adjusted.
    • Surprise Knee trades as a Light Attack (was Special)
    • Dropkick trades as a Medium Attack (was Special)
    • Skyfall trades as a Heavy Attack (was Special)
  • Cancelling the landing of Skyfall into Murder of Crows dash is now only possible on Frame 7 of the landing. It used to be available on or after frame 7. There is still a nice buffer so that if you input it early, it will come out on frame 7.
  • Cancelling Murder of Crows Dash Forward and Dash Back into special moves is now an Instinct trait. If you use a Murder of Crows Dash outside of instinct mode (with the Call of Sky buff):
    • MoC Forward Dash can be cancelled into a special on frame 20, the same frame as his non buffed dash. (Was 15)
    • MoC Back Dash cannot be cancelled into a special until recovery is completed, the same as his non buffed backdash.
    • Nothing has changed about the special cancel windows during Instinct mode.
  • Fixing a bug that could cause his lv4 triplax ender to drop.
  • Lowered lower body vulnerable box on the landing from Sammamish so that Riptor Flame Carpet could hit.


  • Can no longer pip cancel if the opponent is performing a shadow counter
  • Medium Laser is now -3 on block (was 0), +2 on hit (was +5) and has 3 additional frames of recovery on whiff
  • Crouching MK is now -2 on block (was 0)
  • Crouching LK is now -1 on block (was +1)
  • Lv2 charge of all strengths of Blade Charge inflict 1 less frames of blockstun
  • Lv3 (max) charge of all strengths of Blade Charge inflict 2 less frames of blockstun
  • Medium Cyber Uppercut is now lower body vulnerable on frame 1, and upperbody vulnerable on frame 5 (Was fully invulnerable until frame 8)
  • Heavy Cyber Uppercut is now lower body vulnerable on frame 1, and upperbody vulnerable on frame 3 (Was fully invulnerable until frame 8)
  • Teleports start playing their invisibility VFX 4 frames sooner, causing them to end 4 frames sooner
  • Fixed a bug preventing charged blade dash from being breakable after an opener or normal because it counted as part of the previous move.


  • Jumping HK has 5 additional frames of startup time.
  • The attack box on Jumping HK has been adjusted so that many character can crouch under it if they are closer to Gargos. The attack box at the farthest distance of the attack remains as tall as it was, however.
  • Minions no longer deal chip damage when they attack or use special moves. Throwing a minion still causes chip damage.
  • Crouching MP is now +1 on block (was +3)
  • Pushback on hit and block of Crouching MP increased.
  • Ground Light Reckoning damage reduced 25%
  • Ground Medium Reckoning damage reduced 25%
  • All versions of Air Reckoning now deal the same amount of damage. That amount now matches the damage of Grounded Light Reckoning. This is a decrease of varying amounts on each version.
    • Air Light Reckoning damage decreased by 25%
    • Air Medium Reckoning damage decreased by 35%
    • Air Heavy Reckoning damage reduced 45%
  • Minion’s vulnerable box size increases when overlapping the opponent, making them much easier to hit with normals.
  • Fixed a bug where Gargos would freeze for a moment if getting hit by a counter breaker while the fat minion was attacking.
  • Fixed a bug where Gargos would get stuck if counter hiiting the opponent using Air Medium Reckoning performed at a certain height.
  • Fixed a bug where characters would be too high off the ground after Gargos’s Izuna Drop was performed from Heavy Madness Grab.

Additionally, Iron Galaxy and Microsoft have given us some insight on future content coming to Killer Instinct. For instance, Omen was released back during Season 2 but never had his extra character colors (7-9) like the rest of the roster. They are finally fixing that by introducing the Omen Color Pack later this summer, though pricing details (if any) have yet to be disclosed.

Also, if you recall, they’d initially promised that fifteen fighters would receive Ultimates, which are basically cinematic finishers that imply an opponent’s demise. Thus far, ten of these characters have been blessed with such finishers. A while back, clues about who else would receive Ultimates were dropped in-game (you could see these hints by pausing the game and going to your character’s move list), as confirmed in this article. The characters are:

  • Mira
  • Aganos
  • Hisako
  • Glacius
  • Sabrewulf

The question is, when will the last Ultimates drop? According to Microsoft’s Rukari Austin a.k.a. rukizzel…August 2017. He’s even gone so far as to give us a preview of Aganos’s Ultimate, seen in the clip below – skip to 1:20 to find it!

Now that’s an Ultimate, readers! But that’s a long ways away, right now you’ll get to enjoy who is presumably the final addition to the KI roster: Eagle. If you’d like to study up on his gameplay to prepare for your lab sessions, see these clips from SightlessKombat’s YouTube page.

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