2017 Pokken Tournament Championship Series Announced!

Earlier today, the 2017 Pokken Tournament Championship Series was announced to the FGC at large!

Fans of the Pokemon franchise can take their skills to the next level this year by battling across a series of qualifiers for a chance to make it into the World Championships at Anaheim, California this August! A prize pot of $25,000 will be spread both the championships and all qualifying events starting this June!

A total of sixteen players will qualify into the World Championships this year, with only one age division in effect for all competitors. Four players will receive invitations from two of the qualifying events each, another four will be chosen in Japan, and the last four will be decided by their performance in a Last Chance Qualifier that will take place right before the main event!

“Which events will feature qualifiers for the Pokken World Championships,” you ask?┬áNot all of them have been decided yet, but the first event to be confirmed as a qualifier is CEO 2016, set to occur in Orlando on June 16-18! See below.

To learn more about how to participate, check out the official Pokken Tournament website here.

It should be noted that EVO has promised to contribute $10K to the Pokken scene in honor of their efforts for the EVO Player’s Choice, a donation drive which would determine the ninth game to be featured at the Mandalay Bay this year. Pokken ultimately fell just short of the finish line, losing to Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, but EVO was in awe of the effort both scenes put in to support their game, and this effort will not go unrewarded!

Good luck to all competitors!