2017 Killer Instinct Community Fund with NO CAP. Purchase Kilgore to support!

A ton of bombshells have been dropped today in the unsuspecting Killer Instinct scene, and we at StreamMe are still reeling from the shock of it all. Now that we have somewhat recovered our composure, we’re delighted to share these discoveries with you guys! Perhaps they may give you incentive to enter our Kross Up league which is starting in under two weeks from now. 🙂

So, where to begin?! Let’s start with the latest addition to the KI roster, as he ties deeply into all of the news you’ll be reading about in this post. And just to remind you, there are two other characters to be added later in the year.

Kilgore is now available for purchase at $9.99, in a package that is entirely separate from that of the Season 3 package (developers confirmed on stream today that Season 3 has officially ended and we are now receiving post-season content). Players from Xbox One and Windows 10 can go to the Xbox store through either the home menu or the in-game Store menu to purchase the character.

For the past three seasons, a purchase of an individual character was priced at $5 if you did not purchase either a Combo Breaker edition or an Ultra Edition, so you may be wondering about the increased price…but read on!

As the images above reflect, 50% of all Kilgore sales will be used to fund tournaments held online and offline throughout 2017, as part of the Killer Instinct Ultra Tour! And even better? There is NO CAP as to how much funding is raised through this opportunity, which essentially means that a prolonged interest in Kilgore can ensure that the game’s tournament life continues to prosper! It is being speculated if similar opportunities will be had with the other two new characters when they arrive, but we do not have details on that at this time.

The first event of 2017 is Kumite in Tennessee, coming up this weekend, and we cannot contain our excitement about it! For more information, please see this page. Online registration is closed, but if you can make it out to Tennessee this weekend you can still sign up at the venue, albeit at an increased price. A 1K pot bonus for KI is up for grabs there!


So what are you waiting for, killers?! Purchase Kilgore today for ten bucks and you will be taking part in ensuring the growth of one of the craziest fighting games in this generation!

I think it is safe to say that 2017 is already off to an amazing start, especially if you play Killer Instinct. Do you agree? Let us know your thoughts on twitter!

To stay updated on all news regarding the game, follow the Twitter account linked below as well! We’ll update you as we learn more on their developments. Good luck, and FIGHT ON! Killer Instinct Twitter Page – https://twitter.com/KillerInstinct

P.S. Above images were shared via the Killer Instinct World Cup Twitter. All credits go to them.


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